Ed's Bar & BBQ

Welcome to Ed’s Bar and BBQ, where we specialize in a wide variety of smoked, roasted, and grilled barbeque dishes. From lunch sandwiches, beef and noodles, fish baskets, and daily specials to chicken wings, BLT, hamburgers, salads, and much more - we have something for everyone. While we're located in Monclova, we're also available for special events in the surrounding areas, and we offer convenient carryout services. For more information, please call us at +15677031700 or visit our website to place an order. Come and experience the best BBQ in town!
Rib Dinner

Don't miss out on this rare treat! Using a house blend of dry herbs and spices, Ed and Dainna have mastered their art! 

Ed's Bar & BBQ


Our Culinary Edge
Ed’s Bar and BBQ is a fully equipped restaurant, offеring you a complеtе rangе of barbecue foods. We cater to a wide range of dietary requirements, and though we are a barbecue restaurant, we offer vegetarian options allowing us to bе able to mееt your needs and dеlivеr the satisfaction that you are looking for. We know you’re not looking for a high-brow meal, you’re looking for proper barbeque everyone can enjoy – as such, all our offerings are served at affordable prices to please your palate and your wallet.

Our Dishes and Cuisine
We offer a variety of barbecue dishes and cuisines that you will find irresistible to refuse. We provide both slow-smoked and barbecue sauces over grill dishes that will make your mouth water. Our cooks are highly specialized, offering detailed preparation of these barbecues like barbecue sandwiches, beefsteak, barbecue chicken, and many more. We want to give you the best experience while dining with us, with a heavy emphasis on your table’s enjoyment.